Wednesday, 6 January 2010


The people who pull the strings behind the media activities of football clubs do not like making headlines themselves. So I doubt if Vicky Kloss, Manchester City's communications chief, is ecstatic to find herself top of the Charles Sale column in the Daily Mail today.

Charlie reports that Vicky was on the receiving end of one of Sir Alex Ferguson's infamous 'hairdrier' tirades after United beat City in September. Fergie was apparently ignited by City's 'Welcome to Manchester' advert featuring Carlos Tevez.

The column adds that Fergie chose the wrong target because the attention-grabbing advert was the inspiration of City's marketing department and nothing to do with Vicky. That is par for the course with Fergie. On the two occasions he shared the hairdrier with me it was not because of anything I had done personally; I just happened to be the next BBC person to come into range after Sir Alex had taken exception to reports by some of my BBC colleagues.

As Charlie also notes, Vicky is a former inspector with the Metropolitan Police so I doubt if she was unduly fazed by the encounter. Beyond perhaps wondering what Fergie would have done if United had actually lost the game!

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