Sunday, 28 September 2008


On Match of the Day it was very amusing to see Alan Shearer condemn referee Rob Styles for failing to give an interview to the media. Styles messed up big-time by awarding Manchester Utd a penalty for a perfectly good tackle by Bolton's JLloyd Samuel. Shearer expressed outrage that the hapless whistler hadn't fronted up afterwards. "He would have earned more respect if he'd come out and answered questions and accepted that he'd made a mistake," was the gist.

Just like you always did in your playing days, then, Al?

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


At Anfield last Saturday, reporting on Liverpool v Manchester Utd for Setanta. Great atmosphere and an exciting game. The choreography was interesting too. They've moved the "Walk Alone" slot. For many years George Sefton, Anfield's venerable announcer, has played the club's famous anthem after announcing the team selections, just before the players come out. On Saturday he played it with the teams already on the pitch, so that Gerry Marsden's hymn perfectly filled the time leading right up to the kick-off. If they make this a new ritual, it means visiting teams will have 40,000 voices hurling emotion at them until the very moment they start the game. Could be an effective weapon - although United clearly took it the wrong way by scoring after only two minutes play!
Another note from Anfield was the appearance of a light aeroplane which spent the entire second half circling the stadium, towing a banner in the shape of a red shirt. This was part of the fans' protest against their American owners. This bit didn't really work - partly because the lettering on the banner was too small to read, and also because the action down below was far too absorbing to encourage distractions from overhead.