Friday, 15 January 2010


Tuned in to Citytalk this morning to see how it sounded having persuaded Ofcom to allow them to play music on an all-speech station and having also shed a number of jobs. Oh dear oh dear. In the 40 minutes I was listening I heard a news bulletin, a sports bulletin, a music track, some celeb gossip (not local), adverts, the identical news bulletin again, identical sports bulletin again, same celeb pap again, couple of tracks - no presenter in sight, and all in all the most repetitive listening experience imaginable.

Better news is that Central Radio in Preston has escaped closure. Its owners UTV have sold the station to Niocom, a company based in Middlewich which also owns Dune FM in Southport. Hopefully it will prosper, if it avoids Citytalk's formula of guranteed switch-off after 15 minutes.

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