Thursday, 7 January 2010


With football matches being called off left, right and centre it is not a good time for freelances.

For me, January is turning into the bleakest of months. No game last Saturday because Setanta don't have rights for the FA Cup. I can't see my game this weekend, Burnley v Stoke, going ahead, thanks to the icy weather. Next Saturday I was down for Blackburn v Fulham but that has been pushed back to the Sunday when Setanta don't have a programme. The week after that it's the FA Cup again, so another blank week. So it looks like Wigan v Everton on the 30th will be my only action.

Fortunately I have other sources of income but the month demonstrates that bad weather and contractual issues, over which a reportEr has no control, count for as much as experience and ability when it comes to making a living.

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