Wednesday, 3 June 2009


One of the many distressing consequences of Chester's relegation and descent into administration is that supporters are falling out with one another. A fans' meeting in the city last Thursday was an ill-tempered affair by all accounts, with members of different factions abusing one another and unacceptable language being directed at the chair, Peter Mitchell, whose only motivation was to give supporters their chance to discuss the situation. I wouldn't blame him for regretting that decision now.
Happily, I hear that a meeting of the Exiles in London on Tuesday was a more constructive occasion and the outcome could be a thoughtful article to be submitted to the local press before the weekend.
The schisms between fans are regrettable but hardly surprising. Everyone is upset but the short-term problem is that no-one can do anything about it. This is not one of those situations when the public rallies behind the club because few supporters have any faith that club, as presently constituted, is worth rallying behind. People want real and lasting change, but despite rumours of "interested parties" no credible individual or group has stepped up to state their ambition to take over.
That in turn prolongs the possibility of Stephen Vaughan finding himself in an imposible situation. He doesn't want to be the man who placed the club into liquidation - and with £7 million of debt that could yet happen. But he has also made it clear he wants to sell up and move on. It leaves the fans in limbo, wanting some good news to appear but helpless to influence things.
There's a creditors meeting on June 11th and the AGM of the Conference takes place two days later when Chester's place in next season's competition would have to be confirmed, or otherwise. By then we'll have a better idea of what the future holds. By then, hopefully, the fans will know where the real fight lies. One thing's for sure, it isn't with each other.

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