Thursday, 28 May 2009


Imagine you are the producer of a rolling news channel last night. How high up your running order at 11pm would you use the Champions League Final?
Seldom has the answer been as clear as it was last night. It depends totally on who you work for and whether your company has invested huge sums of money in acquiring rights to the Champions League. That may not be the way it should be, but it is the way it is.
Sky News 11pm - Champions League was the top story.
BBC News24 11pm - Champions League was item five, after MPs expenses, Lahore bomb, BNP and Baby P.
How could two news producers make such dramatically diverging editorial decisions? I suggest the answer is not unconnected with the sum of £240 million paid by Sky for rights to televise the Champions League. One can understand them going big on it. One can also understand the BBC lacking the same enthusiasm - but to run it at item five? When it was a fresher story than any of the other four?

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Ian Baker said...

I am keeping my eye closely on Sky's coverage of the FA Cup final (now they no longer have the rights).

It's quite ironic that Soccer AM's last show of the season was last Saturday rather than the traditional Cup final Saturday.