Thursday, 18 June 2009


The problem with being a freelance in a volatile world like sports broadcasting is that your employment often depends on circumstances completely beyond your control.
At the moment two of my main clients are under pressure. Setanta has been through a well-publicised financial crisis and is not safe yet. If a proposed takeover by a Russian billionaire named Lev Blavatnik fails, then Setanta could well fold. This would leave me needing to find a new organistion to work for in the next football season, and the money Setanta still owe me for work in season 2008-09 will never find its way into my bank account.
Meanwhile Manx Radio's contract to cover the motorbike TT races ends this year. A rival radio station, Energy FM, has announced it will put in a bid for the new contract, to be decided by the Isle of Man Government. I've been Manx Radio's main commentator for six years, but there is no guarantee that I'd be retained by a different broadcaster.
I'm watching developments with keen interest!

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