Sunday, 22 February 2009


It isn't always the big exclusives that set people talking. On my mind all day has been a poll in today's Observer of the top football songs, headed by "The Referee's Alphabet" by legendary Merseyside band Half Man Half Biscuit (Tranmere Rovers fans). My vote however would go to "Meat Pie Sausage Roll, Come on Oldham Give Us a Goal" by Grandad Roberts, one of the North West's major contributions to football culture! It was reversioned for an international audience in time for the 1998 World Cup by the simple substitution of "England" for "Oldham." This is the football song as nature intended - eternally optimistic but inevitably doomed (when the song ends they're still waiting for the goal that never seems to arrive).
Inexplicably, it fails to make the Observer's shortlist.
Judge for yourself:

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