Sunday, 15 February 2009


A nine-hour day for 30 seconds' broadcasting. That was how my assignment at Sheffield Utd v Hull City panned out (final score: 1-1). Setanta Ireland weren't taking reports from the game which only left me with Setanta UK to look after. Their broadcasting schedule, plus the fact that not much of note happened after my 30-second update early in the second half, made it a very quiet afternoon.
A few years ago BBC Five Live sent me to Swansea for a match. The journey there took four hours, so did the journey back, I was at the Vetch Field for over three hours, and was required to provide precisely 55 seconds of input.
There are times when you find yourself covering the most significant event of the day, and feel like you are the centre of the universe. Then there are days when you just have to accept your role is to occupy the fringe of the greater drama. A bit like Robbie Keane at Liverpool.

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