Monday, 9 February 2009


What a day! Adams out. Scolari out. And not just in sympathy with England's Test batsmen!
Bad news for big characters like these is good news for journalists. When things go wrong, public appetite for the media increases. People want to hear more, read more, and of course contribute more themselves via the numerous platforms which give everyone the chance to add their verdict.
Adams' exit was no surprise. Scolari's was. Chelsea's home form might not have been great but it's still a shock to see a man proven at the top level heading for the exit.
The day had already been significant for other, less spectacular reasons. Andrew Jennings, the sharpest thorn in the flesh of sports authorities worldwide, has resumed his attacks on FIFA vice-president Jack Warner. I won't flirt with the libel laws myself at the moment, but a visit to will reveal more.
Today has also seen the launch of a new organisation to reperesent the interests of sports newspapers. The International Association of Sports Newspapers is based in Paris and the founding members are two papers from Spain and one each from France, Italy, Brazil and Argentina. The website, currently under construction, is

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Mike said...

I can understand the decision to dismiss Adams, although the timing seems a bit off, but the sacking of Scolari is ridiculous. Give him the season to make his mark. He inherited an ageing squad with the last, desparate gasps of air from the Mourinho era and had little money to spend. Players like Malouda, Kalou, Mikel have under performed and he's been without Essien all season. It's a shame to see another of footballs more charasmatic men ushered out of the game.