Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Manchester City have been given a serious panning in today's papers. At a press conference yesterday reporters really went on the offensive over the way the club dispensed with Mark Hughes. It was awkward for new manager Roberto Mancini but not half as awkward as it was for chief executive Gary Cook. Cook was forced onto the back foot by Mancini's admission that he first met City over a fortnight ago, an open goal for the journos.

The Times describes it as the most humiliating experience of Cook's career at City. The Telegraph described events as "a wave of duplicity." The Mail was one more paper ridiculing the mess City have created for themselves.

Mancini may well prove to be a good acquisition. He can certainly be expected to improve City's porous defence. But it will take a little longer for a club which usually enjoys a good press to rebuild the old relationship.

Meanwhile the Daily Mirror's website reports that City have banned newspapers from being delivered to their training ground so that players aren't distracted by negative headlines!

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