Saturday, 24 October 2009


Burnley v Wigan was a lively game. Not a classic but full of effort and some good individual moments. I like Wade Elliott. He has poise and imagination, but Burnley's midfield couldn't retain control for long enough. Wigan had more power and purpose and deserved their 3-1 win.

I chatted to a young lady on stewarding duty. Her sentry post was not an enviable one. She was on duty at the foot of a concrete staircase, behind a closed blue gateway. The public didn't enter the ground by that route; the only passers-by were members of the media coming out of the press room to begin the dizzying ascent up to the press box. No view of the pitch and given that the reporters at Turf Moor are a pretty law-abiding bunch there was little chance of any unexpected action. But she had a smile on her face and was playing her lonely part in ensuring a Premier League match could take place within the boundaries of the ground licensing regulations.

I hope the music on the i-pod was good.

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