Thursday, 12 March 2009


Motor sport is in a mess and it's time to put the money where the mouth is.
Honda have pulled out of F1. Kawasaki aren't running their works team in MotoGP. So I'm prepared to step into the breach. To show I mean business, I'm running a team in the Isle of Man TT this year.
My team will field state of the art Suzuki and Kawasaki bikes piloted by Steve Mercer and James Ford, both well known in the British Championship.
This is my first experience as a team owner and I can't wait to see how things work out when we all assemble on the island at the end of May.
Fortunately this won't actually cost me a fortune. I'm teaming up with scores of like-minded TT fans in backing The People's Bike. For £50, anyone can buy a slice of the action with this new team run by Mark and Eunice Cubbon No-one will take a profit, all money raised will go to support the riders and the bikes, and our fifty quid buys us a special interest in the races and the right to be considered in the same bracket as Flavio Briatore.
Pass the champagne.


Mike said...

Nice to see this sort of thing catching on, it seems more viable than Ebbsfleet as well. Good luck for the season Charlie, I'll keep an eye out for your photo on the bike...

Charlie Lambert said...

It'll move a bit faster than Ebbsfleet as well! (at least, it had better!!)