Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Rafa Benitez is being criticised by pundits and fans for his refusal to get excited, even when his team destroys Real Madrid. The way some people bang on, you'd think Benitez was committing some dreadful social blunder, like wiping his nose on his sleeve or throwing litter out of his car window.
You don't have to leap into your assistant's arms like Sir Alex Ferguson. It isn't compulsory to spring six feet into the air like Martin O'Neill. No manager should feel obliged to prance around like Jose Mourinho.
Hyper-active bosses may be great for TV directors, but a calm, measured approach to the job has plenty to commend it. We didn't see much extrovert showboating from Bob Paisley, Matt Busby, Don Revie, Harry Catterick or Howard Kendall. Fabio Capello is not exactly football management's answer to Elton John.
And neither was a man who couldn't give a damn for emotion but was the most successful manager of the lot - Alf Ramsey.

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