Sunday, 27 June 2010


I know today was a disappointing day for English football but that doesn't excuse BBC 5 Live ignoring a superb performance by the England cricket team in their 6.30pm sports news. The bulletin started with the result of the European Grand Prix - a few hours' old by then, and then a recap on the football result. The cricketers' win over Australia at Old Trafrford which clinched the one-day series didn't get a mention - despite being the most recent item of sports news. If my sports journalism students had produced such a flabby effort I would have been shocked.

Couldn't have had anything to do with Sky having TV rights to the cricket while the Beeb were showing the football, could it?

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Ian Baker said...

I covered that cricket and a very strange atmosphere while the football was on. But at least three quarters of the crowd stayed which was good.