Friday, 19 February 2010


Significant developments in the world of sports journalism. The BBC's position as the prime supplier of live football commentary has taken a knock. In the latest round of bidding for Premier League radio 'packages,' Talksport won two and Absolute Radio one. Talk will now have exclusive rights to commentary on the late Saturday matches and the lunchtime Sunday games. Absolute will air live commentary on the 'second pick' Saturday 3pm game, after the BBC has first pick.

Meanwhile newspapers' efforts to make money from online publishing takes another small step today as the Manchester Evening News offers an online e-zine celebrating 100 years of Old Trafford, Man Utd's home. The MEN is already selling a print version. The online publication, priced £1, has the same written content plus audio and video interviews. For the sake of the industry and its ever-shrinking workforce, I hope it does well.

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