Saturday, 25 April 2009


The fat lady has sung and the bell has tolled. Chester are out of the league. Again.
No-one is reassured by the mathematics which say that we can still catch Grimsby on goal difference. Not when they have 19-goal advantage with one game to go.
We are down because we thoroughly deserve to be, and if Luton hadn't had a 30-point deduction we would have been relegated weeks ago.
The club has been mismanaged ever since we came back into the League in 2004. We couldn't even get the celebrations right after winning the Conference and that set the tone for everything that's taken place since.
The challenge now is to stop the club dying from apathy.
Last time we were relegated, in 2000, the fans mounted a variety of campaigns to try to keep us up. This time there's been nothing because everyone is disillusioned.
Talk of winning instant promotion is inappropriate. We are in no fit state to challenge for anything. The club has to be cleansed from top to bottom before we can think of getting back into the League. The owner, Stephen Vaughan, wants to sell. Let him do so, quickly and honourably, to someone with a genuine interest in rebuilding our credibility. Then we can all get down to the hard work of restoring respect in our football club.


Ian Baker said...

Good luck Charlie - feel for you.

Charlie Lambert said...

Cheers Ian. It will get worse before it gets better.