Sunday, 2 November 2008

That sinking feeling

Sports journalism contains some challenging tasks. Being the commentator who provides live audio coverage of Fulham's away games for the club website has to be high on the list. One point from 15 on the team's travels this season doesn't provide much to get excited about. He was in the next seat to me yesterday for Fulham's latest defeat, 0-1 at Everton. He parked his car in an unofficial car park on waste land near the stadium. The cheery attendant took his fiver and directed him to a space where the car promptly sank halfway to the axles. "Don't worry," says the chap, "leave me your keys and I'll have it sorted for you by the time the game's over." Fortunately our man hasn't allowed the trials and tribulations of Fulham's season to overpower his better judgement. "Good offer but in all fairness I've only just met you and I'd rather keep the keys and sort it myself."
After setting up his kit in the press box he nipped back out to see if he could rescue the car - to find the cheery attendant and his mate being escorted away by constables from Merseyside Police for operating an illegal parking facility. Happily, without my pal's car keys in their pockets.
The match was likewise a close call, Everton edging a disappointing affair despite Fulham hitting the woodwork twice.

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