Monday, 18 August 2008


My 38th season as a football reporter began with one of the most dramatic matches on the Premier League card: Everton 2 Blackburn 3. It was also an assignment which threw up several of the occupational hazards which make the reporter's task that little bit more interesting!
The ISDN port assigned for my use didn't work, the seat allocated to me in the press box was in the wrong place, and - once those practical problems had been resolved - goals were scored deep into added time at the end of each half, necessitating a rapid re-write both times.
As a way of blowing away the cobwebs, it couldn't have been better!


Kerry Wilkinson said...

Who were you working for, Charlie, and what was your deadline?

Charlie Lambert said...

I was working for Setanta, providing live updates at the end of each each deadline was about 60 seconds away!