Friday, 18 April 2008


A disgruntled manager is manna from heaven for journalists - even if it is the journalists he is disgruntled about! Chelsea's Avram Grant made the daft decision to throw a strop at his post-match presser at Goodison Park last night. Instead of dealing with routine questions in a co-operative manner he indulged in a monosyllabic yes-no interlude before informing a surprised radio interviewer: "I'm still alive. You cannot kill me." Looks like the media's underwhelming response to Avram has got to him. Some reporters, like Henry Winter of the Daily Telegraph, have been scathing about Grant for months. But if Avram wanted to get his own back, this wasn't the way to do it. Instead the papers gleefully went on the attack again with headlines like "Grant's losing the plot" (Express), "Avram Grunt" (Star), "Grumpy Grant" (Mail), and the Sun, tactful as ever, "Av you gone Mad?" All this after a match which his team actually won! Coming after Rafa Benitez's mantra "I am focused as usual on training and coaching my team," it's been an interesting season for press conferences.

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